Samuel Hahnemann

He created the basic principles of homeopathy. The word homeopathy comes from the Greek hómoios- ὅμοιος- "like-" + páthos πάθος "suffering".

Hippocrates of Kos

Hippocrates (Kos 460 BC - Larissa 377 BC) was an ancient Greek physician and is referred to as the father of Western medicine in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field as the founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine. Hippocrates is credited with being the first person to believe that diseases were caused naturally, not because of superstition and gods. He separated the discipline of medicine from religion, believing and arguing that disease was not a punishment inflicted by the gods but rather the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits.



Hippocrates of Kos

Hippocrates is not only the father of Western medicine, but also a philosopher and a humanist.

Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (10 April 1755 – 2 July 1843) was a German physician, best known for creating the system of alternative medicine called homeopathy.
His research led him to the principle of homeopathy, similia similibus curentur ("like cures like"), according to which a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure that disease in sick people.
He first published an article about the homeopathic approach in a German-language medical journal in 1796.


Practicing classical homeopathy in a headache clinic of a major public hospital in Athens, Greece


We have recently presented an observational study concerning homeopathy and migraine at the 8th Headache Congress of European Headache Federation, as following:

METHODS. Forty-two patients who attended the clinic while one of the authors was available were assigned to receive homeopathic treatment, according to the principles recommended by the I.A.C.H. and G.Vithoulkas. Additional evaluation by a neurologist was performed at baseline, 6 and 12 months. Primary and secondary measures of migraine severity and impact on quality of life were recorded and analyzed.


RESULTS. Thirty-six patients opted only for homeopathic treatment until the completion of the study, aged (mean±SD) 34±12 years, with a baseline HIT-6 score of 65±4. Significant improvement was recorded at 6 months (HIT-6 48±8, P<0.0009 vs baseline, Wilcoxon signed ranks test), which was further established at 12 months (HIT-6 41.2±7, P<0.0009 vs 6-months). Eighteen patients had been previously administered TCAs or antiepileptics for sufficient time without remarkable improvement. A difference in HIT-6 score between those 'resistant' to previous therapy and 'new' patients was found at six months (51.5±7 vs 44.5±7, respectively, P<0.01, Mann-Whitney test), but not at baseline (66±3.8 vs 64±4, respectively) or after 12 months (41.6±8 vs 40.6±5.3, respectively). Migraine severity (VAS) decreased by 72% and frequency by 81 % at 12 months (P<0.0001 for both comparisons vs baseline). Observed potential adverse effects were an initial 'aggravation' of migraine symptoms in 69%, recurrence of past medical diseases (e.g. infections, eczema) in 33%, temporary emotional instability in 59% of the patients.

Until today, 175 patients suffering from severe chronic headache have been under classical homeopathic treatment with mostly positive therapeutic results, and new statistics will be soon presented in a next Headache Congress. Some of the most permanent therapeutic results appeared to patients who, experienced certain initial aggravation and later, reappearance of acute infections with high fever of their past medical history, treated also only with homeopathy. Patients? classification, according to  G.Vithoulkas? theory of Levels of Health, was extremely valuable for  treating successfully those difficult cases. Video with interviews of patients with severest chronic migraine, talking about their experience with Homeopathy in the Headache Clinic will be presented.
Dr.Spiros Kivellos MD
G.S. Research International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

S.Kivellos 1,2 J.Papatriantafyllou 2 , K.Papilas 1 , G.Vithoulkas 1 , K.Karagerorgiou 2
1 International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece
2 Headache Clinic & Neurology Department, Athens General Hospital "G.Gennimatas", Athens, Greece

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