What is Homeopathy?​

Homeopathic Medicine is a healing system, a branch of Medical Science. It has a scientific history of two hundred years, from the time when the brilliant German physician Samuel Hahnemann laid its first foundations in the field of systematic study and research - but its basic principle was already known in Ancient Greece. Hippocrates in his work: "On the places of the people" states: "For the same disease is done and for the similar offered by patients are healed". The word Homeopathy, which has prevailed internationally, comes from the Greek words "like" and "passion". Homeopathy is the Medical treatment system that treats the like, treating a disease with drugs that, as natural substances can produce similar symptoms in a healthy body. The prevailing medical view is that an organism's symptoms are caused by disease. Homeopathic Medicine, on the other hand, perceives the symptoms as the body's reaction against the disease, as it tries to overcome it. It aims to stimulate-enhance this reaction and not to suppress it